California law allows a landlord to enter a rented residential space only under certain circumstances.

Tenants of Rental Dwellings Have an Expectation of Privacy

California law allows a landlord to enter a rented residential space only under certain circumstances. However, many landlords either do not understand the law, or they purposefully ignore it.

If your landlord has entered your apartment without 24 hours’ written notice or if you have been the victim of landlord harassment, the law can protect you. Call Legal Service Center at (855) 775-5400 to stop landlord harassment.

You Have the Right to Privacy

The law states that a landlord may enter a rented or leased space only under these circumstances:

  • In case of emergency
  • To make necessary repairs, alterations, or improvements
  • To exhibit or show the unit to potential renters, buyers, or contractors
  • To inspect the unit before a departing tenant vacates it
  • When the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the premises
  • Pursuant to a court order

Except in the case of emergency or abandonment, prior to entering an apartment the landlord must give written notice to the tenant, usually 24 hours in advance.

Fighting Landlord Harassment & Illegal Entry

You do not have to put up with landlord harassment, illegal entry, or other intimidating behavior by your landlord. Legal Service Center can take action to stop harassment by a landlord.

Often, a demand letter from our law firm is enough to convince an errant landlord to stop unacceptable behavior. More serious situations may require legal action. Under California law, a landlord who illegally enters a rental unit is liable for actual and punitive damages for any losses incurred by the tenant.

Legal Service Center
can explain your rights and take the steps needed to secure your peace and privacy. If you have been harassed by your landlord, call (855) 775-5400.

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