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Legal Service Center is a professional legal resource that provides quality and affordable legal form preparation services. We understand that the challenge of the legal system makes it difficult for former homeowners and victims of foreclosure to fight the legal department of lenders and mortgage banks. If you are facing a crisis of post foreclosure eviction, and you don’t know what your rights are, or how to respond to the bank that is requiring that you move quickly and without plan, contact us immediately.

Residential Evictions

Residential Evictions – We provide thousands of individual owners and property managers with sound guidance and smart solutions.

Evictions After Foreclosure – or sale can be complicated, and even the most experienced investors, agents, and managers can make serious missteps if they fail to work with an experienced eviction attorney.

Do not wait! Don’t lose the opportunity to fight your eviction. You need to know that you have rights. We understand how to successfully challenge eviction proceedings, and will do everything possible to help you stay in your home. The banks have aggressive lawyers and depending on your case, there may be multiple ways to defend an unlawful detainer action. We will look at every aspect of your situation and build a strong and persuasive case to stop the eviction process.

Legal Service Center assists tenants threatened with eviction in Southern California including Orange & Los Angeles Counties. We use the power of the judicial system to protect the rights of our clients.
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We are committed to providing diligent legal document assistance with the goal of always being attentive to our clients’ goals and needs.

3/30/60 Day Notice – The first step in evicting a tenant is issuing the appropriate notice The most common notices are the 3 Day Notice, the 30 Day Notice and the 60 Day Notice.

Habitability Issues –

Successful Defense of Unlawful Detainer Actions

An eviction lawsuit is called an unlawful detainer. California law clearly spells out when and how a landlord can undertake an unlawful detainer action. While some landlords act lawfully, others do not. Even when a landlord is generally following the various statutes, there may be a fatal flaw in the landlord’s action that will unravel the unlawful detainer action.

Legal Service Center understands how to successfully challenge eviction proceedings. We will do everything possible to help you stay in your home or apartment. Depending on your case, there may be multiple ways to defend an unlawful detainer action. We will look at every aspect of your situation and build a strong and persuasive case to stop the eviction process.

Call Legal Service Center As Soon As Possible

There are very short time windows and the legal eviction process is complicated. Along the way there are many possibilities for negotiations and ways to make the law work in your favor. As in most legal proceedings, the sooner we get started on your case the better the results. If you have been served with an unlawful detainer summons and complaint, you have  exactly FIVE calendar days to respond. Those days INCLUDE Holidays and Weekends. If served on a Friday, the Saturday and Sunday reduces your 5 days to ONLY 3 remaining to draft a legitimate answer and file that answer at the courthouse Failure to respond within the VERY SHORT time limit will lead to the sheriff forcefully removing your from your home days later, unless you take immediate legal action.

Legal Service Center will respond quickly on your behalf. In some cases, we may be able to stop the eviction proceeding by merely informing the landlord why the unlawful detainer notice is defective. In other cases, we will have to aggressively assert your legal rights.

Stop Foreclosures Now! – Don’t be intimidated. Take action.

Even if you have been already been served with an eviction notice, it is not too late. We can seek a stay and may be able to prevent you from being evicted.

While non-payment of rent is a common cause of an unlawful detainer, the landlord may also want to evict you in order to rent the apartment at a higher rate or create a condominium unit that will be offered for sale. In these cases, the law has clear restrictions on how a landlord can proceed. We may be able to use the law to protect your home.

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Legal Form Preparation services provided by our office are as legal document assistants. We are registered and bonded with Los Angeles County, Registration #: LDA-610. We also have a several affordable eviction defense attorneys who work with this office and our cherished clients for more complex cases.


We have a network of practicing unlawful detainer attorneys available for consultation, legal advice, or for court appearance.

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