Toxic mold in Orange County
can render a rental unit uninhabitable.

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A landlord has a legal and moral responsibility to provide a tenantable rental property. This means that a rental unit must provide safe accommodation and conform to local building codes. Toxic mold in Orange and Los Angeles Counties can render a rental unit untenantable, especially for persons sensitive to the mold. In extreme cases, toxic mold can cause severe breathing problems and other medical problems. Your risk for mold exposure may not come just from your living space, but also from mold in hallways, attic spaces, and other common areas.

If you are a tenant who suffers because of toxic mold in your home or apartment — or you own your own home — a Lawyer from Legal Service Center may be able to help you. Call (855) 775-5400 to discuss your situation with an experienced Tenants’ Rights Lawyer.

Southern California Mold Lawyer Helps Victims

Mold injures pets too.

Legal Service Center can help those who are victimized by what is a small, sometimes unseen villain: mold. Protecting the rights of those exposed to toxic mold exposure and those suffered injuries:  many very serious, life-threatening ailments is what Legal Service Center is all about.

It is no fun when you or the people that you love: adults, children, even pets, are hurt  by exposure to toxic mold, water damage, dust mites and other forms of indoor environmental contamination.

Representing People Exposed to Toxic Mold in California

Legal Service Center has access to experts with experience and expertise in all types of mold, indoor air quality and indoor environmental lawsuits.  Our Tenant’s Rights Lawyers can represent victims of exposure to many types of indoor contamination, including injuries from exposure to: toxic mold, bacteria, microbial contamination, water damage, dust mites, toxic chemicals, lead, radon, methane, and other building and home invaders that affect health and property.  

Connecting Mold Victims to Excellent Physicians and Medical Testing

Legal Service Center can direct you to excellent and experienced physicians who can help evaluate and diagnose what injuries, if any, you and your loved ones have suffered as a result of mold exposure.

Mold Caused Skin Infection

Mold Blisters

Mold Caused Eye Infections

Many physicians are simply unaware of environmental medicine, toxic mold, sick building syndrome and the many debilitating health issues that such exposure is responsible for. The list of ailments and serious conditions is growing as society and government agencies insist on virtually-air-tight, energy-efficient buildings. As our work places and homes have become sealed-tighter and tighter so as to improve energy efficiencies, unfortunately the unintended consequences of this is to create an interior environment that traps water, water-vapor and moisture making a more fertile nursery-like atmosphere for rapid toxic mold growth threatening the very lives of those working and living within the walls of their homes and businesses.

Air Borne Mold Spores

Mold Caused Skin Rash

Toxic Mold is Serious

Do not take a chance with the health of yourself or your family.

We have access to and retain leading local and national experts in the mold and indoor air quality field including hygienists, microbiologist, toxicologists, immunologists, HVAC, structure and air-movement engineers, contractors, and professional, licensed mold remediators.

If you are living or working in unsafe conditions we will help you immediately find a way to safety.

Get the Financial Compensation You need to Fix your Property and Deal with Health Issues

Legal Service Center has access to experts, doctors, inspectors, and contractors who have dealt with all sorts of mold situations and building types: homes, mobile homes, office and commercial buildings.

Indoor air pollution and mold can be hazardous and can cause a variety of different health problems.  We can help hold the negligent party(s) accountable and/or obtain the insurance coverage necessary to deal with your problem.

What We Can Do For You

Legal Service Center has extensive experience fighting for the rights of tenants in Orange, Los Angeles County and throughout the Southern California Area. Legal Service Center can help you in several ways:

We may obtain a mold inspection. If the mold testing shows that your rental unit or building has unacceptable levels of toxic mold, we can use the law to force your landlord to undertake mold remediation procedures. In cases where complete mold removal may not be feasible or is prohibitively expensive for your landlord, we may be able to obtain a cash settlement for you.

By making a toxic mold complaint to the proper public agency, we can protect you in other ways. Any eviction or rent increase attempt within six months of such a complaint is presumed to be retaliatory and may be prohibited by law.

To protect your home and your health, you should talk with Legal Service Center – we may be able to help you.

For a consultation about mold in your rental home or apartment unit, call Legal Service Center at (855) 775-5400.

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