Nuisance is broadly defined by most landlords and usually narrowly defined by most tenants.

There are a limited number of reasons that a landlord can evict a tenant. Creating a nuisance is one. Nuisance is broadly defined by most landlords and usually narrowly defined by most tenants. If you have been accused of creating a nuisance and have received a three-day notice to quit (move out) alleging that you committed or permitted a nuisance where you live, time is of the essence and you should take action as soon as possible.

The Legal Service Center is here to help tenants facing a three-day notice to quit that alleges nuisance and an action of eviction or unlawful detainer based on alleged nuisance. Contact  Legal Service Center today to learn more about how we can help you assert and protect your renter’s rights.

If you have been served with three-day notice to quit —alleging nuisance, we can help analyze the situation to see what the real issue may be. We know that sometimes landlords will invent reasons to evict tenants because they believe that they can rent your rental home or apartment unit to someone else for a higher rent. We can help you fight for your rights in this kind of a situation.

If the landlord has already filed an unlawful detainer (an eviction lawsuit), you only have five calendar days from the date you are served with the Summons and Complaint papers to file a response (called an “Answer”) with the court in writing. If you do not respond timely, you will lose automatically.

If you have received court papers, contact our office immediately to see if we can help you save you tenancy and your home.

Even if you have done some of the things that the landlord claims are a nuisance, they may not meet that legal definition of “nuisance” or you may have legal justification for your actions. If you receive a three day notice alleging nuisance or a unlawful detainer (e.g., an eviction lawsuit) claiming to be based on nuisance, contact Legal Service Center immediately. Remember, the landlord’s lawyer is not there to be fair or just to you, nor does he care about your situation; his job is to make you homeless on behalf of his client (your landlord), so the landlord can make more money by renting your place to someone else. Get legal advice from staff, Paralegals and attorneys who will be on your side, call the Legal Service Center at (855) 775-5400.

In many instances, we are able to negotiate with landlords and their counsel on your behalf as they realize that once you have legal counsel that they must take you seriously – – – and rarely do these nuisance suits then actually go to trial. We have also had success slowing down eviction proceedings by months, by fully asserting your legal rights, which can give you time to look for and secure new housing, if that is your desire.

It is important to note that after a landlord initiates eviction proceedings they cannot also continue to collect rent once the notice expires. Nuisance actions are often abused by landlords because unlike most wrongs done by a tenant, which can be “cured” (e.g. unpaid rent, unapproved pet, unapproved roommate) – in a nuisance action the landlord doesn’t have to give the tenant an opportunity to “cure” or “fix” the problem.

If you are facing a nuisance action, call Legal Service Center at (855) 775-5400. We are here to protect tenants’ rights.

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